Attitude and Outlook

One day a man on vacation in France took a walk into the countryside.  He came through a patch of woods into a clearing.  There were a great number of workers building what looked to be a church.

He went up to a man carving on a piece of wood.  “What are you doing?” he asked the man working with great concentration.  “I am carving the cross on the ends of the pews I’ve built,” he replied.

Walking over to another man, he asked, “What are you doing?”  The man answered, “I am putting together the panels of stained glass I made for the windows.”

He then stopped an old woman as she swept up pieces of glass and wood shavings.  “And what are you doing?”  The old woman proudly said, “I am building a cathedral!”

Be mindful this month of your attitude and outlook.  You are not just driving kids to swim lessons and soccer camps.  You are not just mowing the lawn and bar-b-queuing hamburgers and hot dogs.  You are building a family.  You are building a future.