Be Mindful of Self Image

A few days ago I stopped at a McDonalds for a quick lunch.  A couple of tables down from me were two teenage boys finishing their meal.  As they emptied their trays into the trash can, one of the boys said to the other ”Hey, your change is on the tray.  Don’t forget it.”  The other boy replied, “Don’t worry about it.  It’s only 50 cents.”  When I thought about it later, I wondered how much money would have to have been on that tray before the boy took the time and put out the effort to save it.  75 cents?  Maybe $100.00?  Only he could decide and answer that question.

In many ways we make this same decision every day.  We get to decide the value of things, opportunities and people in our lives, including ourselves.  If we decide they are of little value, we won’t take the time or put out the effort to use them, care for them or save their existence in our lives.  The value we place on things, opportunities and people determines in part the value we place on ourselves.  This all adds up to the strength of our self image.  No matter how good the self care techniques, or the skills we can develop to benefit our lives, if our self image, self esteem and self worth are low, we will not take the time or put out the effort to care for ourselves and maybe even “save” ourselves.  The stronger our self image the better our coping skills for handling life’s problems and difficulties.
Be mindful this month of your self image.  A strong self image is a great and necessary tool for building and rebuilding your life as you move through it. Only you can make the decision that you are valuable enough to “save”.