Dreaming and Becoming

“Follow your dreams. For as you dream, so shall you become.”

There are a lot of graduates who do not believe this quotation. After filling out applications and sending out resumes; they still do not have the job they dreamed about and worked hard for years to get. They dreamed about becoming accountants, architects, engineers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Even though the dream was followed, they don’t feel any closer to it.

The quotation does not promise you will be what you dream. It simply says you shall become. It means by following your dreams you will become the person you want to be, the person you always intended on being. You shall become the man and woman you want and need to be. Following dreams can make you an adventurer and an explorer of your future. You can become a person who tries and continues to try despite setback. You can become a man or woman who sees and takes advantage of every opportunity life has to offer, learn, find peace and something to be happy about.

Be mindful this month of becoming. Do not let what you do in life determine what you become in life.