On the day I was born
Said my father, says he,
I’ve an elegant legacy waiting for thee.
‘Tis a rhyme for your lips
And a song for your heart,
To sing to yourself when the world falls apart.
Look, look look to the rainbow.
Follow it over the hill and stream.
Look, look, look to the rainbow.
Follow the fellow who follows a dream.
– Finnian’s rainbow

For all of us, the world falls apart every once in a while. During those times it can be hard to find a dream to give us hope, direction and motivation. When this happens to you, find a dreamer. Borrow the dream of freedom from Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King. Use the dream of justice from Rosa Parks or the dream of service from Mother Teresa. These are the dreams that put the world back together after it falls apart, and the dreams that keep the world going. Your world.

Be mindful this month of the dreamers and the dreams around you. Some of the dreamers are gone, but their dreams live on. Many dreamers are living in your home, on your street, teaching in your school, standing on the other side of the counter. When your world falls apart, when you can’t find your own dream, follow the fellow who follows a dream.

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