Fear and Trust

– Every kid who ever went trick or treating on Halloween

What’s scaring you this season of Halloween?
What’s the big monster trying to make you scream?
A cat, a bat, things that go bump in the night?
Or is it Freddie, Jason or Michael that give you the big fright?
Or maybe something inside of you? Alien! Out of sight!
Yeah, what scares you might not be a costume or a mask.
It could be depression, responsibility, a relationship task, fear of commitment, the green eyed monster jealousy, low self esteem, the demon guilt, stressed out feelings or a PTSD dream?
We need a magic formula, silver bullet to make the monsters go bust.
The only antidote for fear I know of is trust!

Trust in yourself, that you’re brave and strong.
Trust everything will be ok, that you can handle the wrong.
Trust in faith, hope and love.
In peace and in grace.
In people, in life, in guidance from above.

Be mindful this month when you’re scared you must trust.
You must trust, simply trust.
You must trust or you’ll bust.
You must trust when you fear,
So your life remains dear!

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