Healing must be witnessed.

I believe this paraphrase of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s belief, grieving must be witnessed, is also true. If we are in need of healing we cannot just think about it or talk about it. We cannot even just pray about it. We have to witness ourselves doing something about it. If I want to lose 20 pounds, thinking about being thinner or talking about weighing less will not take the pounds off. I cannot expect God to work a miracle and make me 20 pounds lighter. I have to witness myself pushing away chocolate chip cookies, cake and ice cream. Others should be able to witness me exercising and working out. When witness follows thinking, talking and praying, the healing has begun.

We are people of sign and senses. We measure time, distance, height, weight, input and output. We measure change by witness.

Be mindful this month that healing must be witnessed.

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