Hope and Future

Where there is no hope, there is no future.
-The last man to leave

There once was a beautiful little town, nestled in a beautiful little valley. It was the kind of place people would drive to on Sunday afternoon. It is the ideal place to get away from the busy city for the weekend.

One day the people of the town were notified by the state they would all have to move. The state had decided to flood the valley, build a resort for boating, skiing, vacationing, and make lots of money.

The people of the town were shocked, saddened and then very angry. They all agreed to start a petition to save the town. They made commercials for radio and television. They wrote editorials for newspapers. They emailed, posted, twittered, texted, and blogged everyone they could think to get a “like” from.

After a few days one man decided, “You can’t fight city hall” and left the town. The next day the family across the street saw his empty house, and they moved. Within a week two vacant houses on the block turned into four. Soon anger turned into fear, and everyone was packing to leave.

When the last man to leave the town passed the town sign, he stopped and wrote in big letter across the sign, “WHERE THERE IS NO HOPE, THERE IS NO FUTURE”

Be mindful this month of hope. You already have hope. You don’t need it. You don’t need more of it. You just need to choose to use the hope you have. Then you’ll have a future.