How to Not Get Stuck in Life

Everything’s gonna be OK, my Grandma used to say.

I think this is one belief you should keep in your bank of beliefs about life.  This one should be at the top of your list.  This is the belief that can keep you from getting stuck in your life.

Getting stuck really means you have given up.  You do not see any point to trying any more.  It means you have stopped trying to figure things out and move on with your life.  These times in your life come with tragic occurrences such as a death, a divorce or other relationship difficulties or with little events such as disappointments and other miniscule minor “failures”.

If you truly believe “everything’s gonna be OK”, as my Grandma always said, then you will always have a reason to carry on with your life.  There is something to be said about finding out the solution to a problem, whether big or small, and then moving on with your life from there.  You don’t need to know HOW everything’s gonna be OK.  You just have to believe it is true.  If you do believe that the missing piece of the puzzle you are trying to put together to get the picture of the life you want is there somewhere, everything WILL BE OK.

Be mindful this month that everything’s gonna be OK and work at being ‘unstuck’.