If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

During a car ride years ago, five year old Bryan told me of a dream he had. He said that in his dream he was in a place filled with every kind of candy. He just walked around in amazement and he just knew he could take any kind of candy he wanted. Then he said, “It would be really cool if there really was a place like that.”

I then asked his mom, who was driving, if we could make a quick stop. She followed my directions to a candy warehouse. One of the owners was a friend of mine. When we arrived I talked with my friend, Bill. He let Bryan, his mom, and I walk through the warehouse. As we walked through all the rows of all the different kinds of candy Bryan’s eyes got bigger and bigger in sheer amazement. All he could say was, “Wow!!! This is cool.” At the end of the last row, Bill told Bryan he could pick out any kind of candy he wanted to take home.

For the next few days, Bryan told everyone he knew about his dream and how it came true. For all these years, I have told all kinds of people about the chance I had to make Bryan’s dream come true.

Be Mindful this month of the opportunities to make dreams come true. These opportunities are real gifts and blessings. Bryan found out having a dream come true is cool. I found out helping a dream come true is a gift all in itself.

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