Meet Glen


Hi. I’m Glen Doherty. I’m a licensed professional counselor. I’ve had this practice in Kirkwood (in St. Louis) since 2006 although I’ve been doing counseling since 1974.

When people walk into my office, they’re scared, they’re afraid, they’re worried, they’re panicking, they’re grieving, they’re angry or sad. My goal is to help them deal with all of these feelings and know that they can get through them. Know that they’ve got what it takes to handle these feelings, and not let these feelings keep them from getting stuck in their lives and not moving forward, which means being happy and peaceful.

Although about 80% of my practice is adolescents, young adults, average age is 13 to 30 or the parents of 13 to 30 year olds.

What issues do I deal with? I deal a lot with anxiety, which is rampant all over right now. A lot with depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD. I also do a lot of work with grief and teaching and talking about coping skills and techniques for dealing with lifestyle and long term chronic health issues, especially cancer.

Where all of this happens is my office in Kirkwood. People come in, and we talk. I’ve tried to make the office comfortable, relaxed, and a place where you’ll feel safe.

Feelings aren’t supposed to stay inside of you. They’re supposed to come out. And the best way feelings can come out, is outside of your mouth. And so we talk. And what’s inside comes out, and then you learn that it’s possible to deal with it, and handle it, be okay with it.

I think that counseling is a lot like coaching. A good coach teaches techniques, skills, rules, strategies. He teaches people how to win out on the field or on the court. I do the same. I teach a lot about lifestyle, skills, coping mechanisms. I teach winning, but since there’s no court or field in your life, winning means being successful, peaceful and happy. Hopefully, having some fun.

Any question you might have about how this counseling thing works is on the website. Take time to look at it. It will answer all of your questions.

People when they first come in ask me, “How long is this going to take?” I can’t give you that answer. I can tell you I’ll work with you as long as it takes until you feel better. My goal is to help you relax about dealing with life. All of these things are a part of life, your life. You can handle them. So I deal a lot with self confidence, self esteem, self image. If those 3 skills are high on that pain scale of 1 to 10, you’ll be able to handle whatever you walk in with and walk out with feeling better. That’s my goal, to help you feel better about handling whatever is going on in your life. Knowing that you can do it.

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