I should have bought you flowers
And held your hand.
I shoulda gave you all my hours
When I had the chance.
Take you to every party
Cause all you wanted to do was dance.
– Bruno Mars

Everyone has regrets. Even Frank Sinatra had a few. The important thing is to find a way to live and never have regrets. If you ever figure out how to do that, let us all know. You’ll be set for life. The real important thing is to not let your regrets keep you from living.

The only way to do this is to learn from your regrets instead of getting stuck grieving the regrets of the past. Learning is education, and education is the silver bullet of life. Education gives you options and choices you never knew you had before. Education can give you the initiative and motivation to move on. It can keep you from being stuck and stagnant. Education brings with it change, growth and maturity.

It’s January. Why spend the first few months of this year grieving, obsessing and being stuck on the regrets of the past. Grieve, learn and move on with your life in a renewed commitment to a peaceful and happy life.

Be mindful this month of learning from your regrets and taking this education into a new year of personal fulfillment. Maybe then, like Frank Sinatra, your regrets will be too few to mention.

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