Life always matters…very much.
– Mrs Rosen

While waiting for news about his wife’s surgery, a husband asks his brother what time it is. His brother answers, “ten minutes later than you asked me the last time.” For the fourth time during her 6 hour shift the checker behind the counter at Target tells a rushed customer what the date is as she writes out her check. The lady in the hotel gift shop sells her sixth $8.00 tube of tooth paste to a traveler who forgot to pack one in his travel bag.

Do we know more than we think we do? The answer is yes. Why then do we seem to forget so much. The demands, expectations and distractions of each day seem to keep us from remembering. So it is important to use reminders. Friends, phones, lists post its; anything to remind us of important necessities of life.

So enter Mrs Rosen. From the sinking ship, Poseidon, she reminds us that life always matters. You say you knew that? Didn’t you know it really was 2015 last January 5th, when you wrote 2014 on that check? Didn’t you know you needed to brush your teeth when you went to that hotel gift shop and spent $8.00 on that tube of tooth paste? Didn’t you know life matters…very much when you spread that rumor, gave your friend that cutting remark, thought only of yourself, took advantage, etc. etc.

Be mindful this month of Mrs. Rosen’s reminder. You really do know life matters…very much. Now go out and act like it! You might also remind someone else who has forgotten.

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