Seeds of Hope

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
-Ladybird Johnson

Look around for the flowers of Spring. Look around for hope. Hope may be harder to see, but when you find it, it’s just as beautiful. Every flower began with the planting of a seed. Go ahead, plant a seed. Go out the next day and look where you planted the seed. What do you see? Dirt. You’ll see dirt for quite a while. One day, however, you’ll go out and see a green shoot poking through the dirt. Later a stem, then a leaf or two, finally the bloom of the flower. Watching, waiting, patience, not giving up, these are all stages of blooming flowers.

Be mindful this month of planting seeds, seeds of hope, friendship, strength, forgiveness kindness, loyalty, trust, all the many intimacies we need in this world to make it beautiful. Trust, forgive, care, hope, don’t give up on someone. These acts are the planting. When your trust is not returned, don’t give up. When your love is not accepted, don’t detach. When your forgiveness is not reciprocated, try again. Hope of the bloom begins with the planting. The bloom comes later. The hope starts right away, if you want it to.

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