Seek and Find

Find the good.
– Heather Lend

When was the last time you tried to find a lightening bug? When did you stop trying to find four leaf clovers and change on the sidewalk? When you last heard a slow rhythmic bell ringing in your neighborhood, did you go looking for the ice cream truck or did you sit anxiously on your front steps hoping it would find you? When is the last time you tried to find the good?

In her book (by the same title), Heather Lend tries to get us thinking about looking for the good in people, situations, difficult times and, I think, ourselves. There are times when we need motivations to stay in relationships or move forward in our lives. If you’ve given up on finding the good somewhere, some place, there’s very little reason to try or even to hope. Finding the good can be the first step out of “being stuck. Finding the good can keep you from getting caught in that downward spiral which soon ends in depression, complacency, anxiety and a variety pack of pains.

You don’t have to know how to get to the good, how to have the good in your life or how to use the good. You can learn that. If you see it, if you believe in it, you have hope of bringing it into your life, and of living it. Finding the good is finding hope, faith and the existence of love.

Be mindful this month of finding the good in people, places, things, and in the present situations of you’re life. If you’re out of practice, go try and find a four leaf clover.

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