The Importance of Doing

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”
– Batman

Ten boys, nervous but excited, sat on the old bench. They had been waiting for this day since they unwrapped the gloves, balls and bats Santa brought them months ago. This was their first game. This was the day they would become baseball players.

Nine of them walked up to the plate. Five of them made it to first base. One of the five didn’t even have to use the tee. He hit the pitch six feet down the third base line. A throw to first, no catcher in the league could make before the runner stepped on the bag. The other four took their five strikes before the tee was brought to assist them. Three of the runners made it to second base. One was called out when he made a dash for third by running across the diamond. The other was tagged out when he was running for second, heard his mom call out his name and stopped to see what she wanted. During the excitement, confusion of hits, yelling, questioning of calls, and a few tears, one of the runners who made it to second actually rounded third and crossed home plate. Everyone on the team and in the stands made a mental tally of a score that wasn’t being kept.

What happened to the tenth boy on the bench? He couldn’t get himself to walk up to the plate. The why of it doesn’t really matter, it could have been his fear of striking out and failing. It may have been a fear of a baseball coming at him at a speed of one mile an hour or of standing in front of the sold out crowd of 48 parents and grandparents. What matters, is he would have to wait another week to become a baseball player. We can all be thankful that another game is scheduled for him next Wednesday.

Be mindful this month of what Batman tells us. It’s what you do that defines you. It’s not what’s underneath your cowl, your baseball cap, your words, your intentions, or even your expressions. It’s your choices, decisions and actions. When we get older we can’t count on having another chance scheduled for us next week. Be mindful of the importance of your doing.

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