The Mysterious Reason

And there’s one thing I do know, son. And that is, you are here for a reason. I don’t know whose reason it is, or whatever the reason may be. But I do know one thing; it’s not to score touchdowns.
– Jonathon Kent

“There’s a reason for everything”. Have you ever been told this when you are trying to understand something bad that has happened in your life? Or maybe during a reflective moment, pondered the reason for your existence, only to be reminded “there’s a reason for everything”. Do you buy that answer? Is it really an answer, or a substitute for there not being an answer at all? Does it send you on an endless search for who decided this, the reason, and what the elusive reason is?

What if the one who decides the reason for everything is you? What if the reason is whatever you decided it to be? Whatever peace, comfort, or joy you receive from decisions you make, and what happens during your existence is yours to create. The only responsibility you have is to be healthy, so you can decide on a reason that will lead you to peace, encouragement, hope, perseverance, or whatever it is you need to move on with your life in a positive direction. It is now your responsibility to bring reason to your life, resulting in more understanding, sense, and reason to be found in the world.

Be mindful this month of healthy choices, in order to decide the reasons for everything in your life. Take on the responsibility for these decisions, in order to have the life that you want and deserve.

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