What’s Inevitable

Tis a poor thing to fear the inevitable.

Tom Selleck (Crossfire Trail)

Since January 1, you’ve made resolutions and broken how many of them? Does this make you a bad person? Are you unreliable and irresponsible? Should you fear ever making resolutions again?

This year someone you know will die.

This year you will fail at something you try. Should you not try?

This year you will get sick sometime. Should you fear leaving the house?

This year you will not get something you really want and pray for. Should you not pray?

There are many things that will not happen the way you want them to this year. Should you live in fear all year and not try? There will also be many successes, healthy days, prayers answered, peace, joy, and love experienced.

Be mindful this month and the rest of the year not to fear the inevitable. If you worry and fear what will go wrong, you’ll never experience and enjoy the times when everything works out in your life. Tis a poor thing to fear the inevitable.

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